December 21, 2006 at 2:12 am (Lithgo Finni, Writing)

Someone said its a good idea to write everyday. Someone else said just write something, no matter what it is. I was convinced both of these were impossible…But in trying to prove them impractical I just sat down in front of the fireplace and wrote. At first I was having a laugh and trying to be pretentious, but by the last paragraph I had an idea, and maybe, Alex, this is how you feel. I know I’d like to understand a bit so heres my best guess from Lithgo Finni.


Turn it on. Sit a bit away.

I want to lie back and stare at it for a while, remembering the day and looking at it in-between thoughts.

Looking first at the cards, the scope of pictures and shapes from people that I know. Rows and rows of well wishing some in front some behind, placed across the mantelpiece. A candle and a clock. Then the heaved up marble, filling out its wooden frame, that living bark, no point to it but a private personal point. It heats the whole room and warms you inside, framed in wood and time of your own.

Your room, your fireplace, your body – like it was your day. Time that you make, to put your feet up and let your eyelids rest.

I wish.
But in a world where people need help I make mistakes.
Days swing by…sometimes I miss them, forget to say something, say yes when I should say no, let the wrong girl go. Long years of wars reluctant to be won, trenches of youth, slow progress step by step and it frightens me. Then the dwindled peace-time months spent jumping at shadows, remembering.
I’m not always able to go home, be happy and eat. I’m not always strong enough that I can close my eyes and rest.


1 Comment

  1. lithgo said,

    Worst Line Ever (taken out just before typing it up): “More than a silvered heater”
    Object Which I Really Wanted To Include But Didn’t Quite Fit: “Alpaca coat”

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