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January 31, 2007 at 10:53 pm (The cardboard Apollo 6 has given the all clear)

The Beautiful South have announced that they have split.



That gap was for impact. My favourite band!

Most have heard of their early songs like their one number 1 : You Keep It All In (at least i think thats what it was), or Song for Whoever or even Rotterdam or Perfect 10 to go a bit later. However as someone whose well passionate about writing I can tell you the songwriter and singer Paul Heaton is a sublimely gifted, superb writer and I’ve always thought that. Can’t blame it on Norway.

The songwriting is phenomenal (content and style) and something that makes their later albums like Gaze and Superbi for me. You should totally buy a beautiful south cd if you haven’t already. In this order: (a greatest hits if you havent heard them, carry on up the charts or solid bronze or gold) ,superbi (music+writing), 0898, Welcome to the Beautiful South, Choke, Quench, Gaze (for the writing. amazing.), miaow, blue is the colour, painting it red.

I have listened to them every day practically for the last couple of months (liked them since early nineties but lately I’ve been even contemplating going to the next gig, altho I often say I wouldn’t want to go to a gig full of TBS fans like myself) and no matter what you say, that scares me more. At least I didn’t quote one of their lyrics. I kept it all in.


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It breaks my heart

January 27, 2007 at 10:50 am (The cardboard Apollo 6 has given the all clear)

Finally some quality music coming to the QM for them that don’t like rock or silver/steel/whatever they call that loud growly stuff.

Click to hear, it might break your hea-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-art

Which would be unfortunate.
Me and tom are gonna go, so get in touch if you wanna gang along as well

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words and actions

January 21, 2007 at 1:49 pm (Christian)

The following was written by Sam Gower, of Bath CU. I met him two years ago (borrowed something he said in passing to write two stories, ManAndLion and ManLamb), and googled two weeks ago . 

God would rather die than live without you.
Forget preconceptions about Church, Songs of Praise, stereotypes, religious wars or dodgy evangelists; Jesus’ message was pretty simple, and completely unrelated to a lot of what people associate with Christianity. Jesus didn’t talk about the need for religion; in fact the people who were really into it, wanted to kill him because he told them they were wasting their time. Jesus said that we were born to live with the God who created us, and so until we have that relationship our lives are meaningless. The God he is chatting about isn’t just some mystical force, but a father who would rather die than live without you.
The meaninglessness of life without God is all around you. People talk about it all the time and everyone seems to be looking for something. No one acknowledges it but everyone is looking for fulfillment and none seem to be satisfied for very long by whatever they get into, whether money, getting drunk, sex or drugs. They all promise a fulfillment making you feel better, but any gratification only lasts a short while before you feel empty again. Jonny Rotten from the Sex Pistols sums it up; “when everything has been completed, does it still feel like you’ve been cheated?”

It would make sense to assume that the one who made us would be the only one to truly understand what we need out of life. Even the best relationships don’t satisfy our need for something more. Jesus said, “I am the bread of life” (John 6:35). He’s the only one who can satisfy our search for something more, because he’s the only one who can make it possible for us to know God as it was intended.

Jesus said we need to give up our messed up way of life and follow him. In short, he was talking about a relationship. Not a way of feeling superior to other people or a moral code for living a good life, but a simple, relationship with God.

No one wants to be bad, so why do they need someone to tell them to be good? Simply being good will never gives you the relationship with the one who created you. Basically, God is perfect and amazing but because of the stuff we do, and since we don’t acknowledge him for who he is, we’re not so perfect no matter how good we are. This gets clumped together under the idea of sin, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). You’ve probably heard loads of people banging on about sin, and there’s a tendency to assume that it’s all about feeling guilty, but that’s not it at all. When you take a look at your life you become aware of things you’re ashamed of and would rather forget; that is what sin is. The tragic part is that all this stuff separates us from God. God hates the fact that we live with this burden, and we can’t have a relationship with him.

Christianity is about firstly acknowledging that you need God’s forgiveness, and secondly accepting what Jesus did to take away our sin so that we can put it behind us and live our lives with the purpose of knowing God.

God would rather die than live without you. That is why he sent Jesus, his perfect son, to earth; to take the blame for all the stuff that stands in the way of a relationship with him. It sounds completely unfair. Yet it’s because of justice that Jesus had to die. Bizarre? Justice is fair punishment for something wrong. To be just there had to be a punishment for all the wrong stuff that gets between God and us. In the end there is punishment for not knowing God – the idea of hell – complete separation from anything of God. Jesus chose to take it instead of us. What Jesus did allows us to know God and shows just how far God would go for the relationship.

If you’ve read all this and you feel angry, offended, or like we’re trying to brainwash people, then by all means tell us what you think. Likewise, if you have read this and it has raised questions for you, it would be great to know what you think, feel free to get in contact with us via Either way, you’ve got to take it seriously because even if you think what we’ve said is completely warped, the life alternatives seem even more so.

“When everything has been completed, does it still feel like you’ve been cheated?” Jesus said the same thing, but he also gave the answer.

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