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February 27, 2007 at 10:36 am (Christian, Lithgo Finni, The cardboard Apollo 6 has given the all clear, With what I do may I worship you, Writing, Writing, reading, the meaningful words)

(Could use your help 🙂 see below)

I really like to write and I don’t particularly mind if anyone wants to read what I write – its enough just to like writing.

However, in contradiction to the above, I’ve been thinking that I’ve written a lot of vaguely or explicitely Christian stories in the last year, and wondered why; it used to be really hard for me to think of a Christian story to write.

So maybe I was thinking about sending in to a Christian magazine with a view to one day putting a collection of short stories together. Do you think I should or do you think I should wait til I get better at it?

Could folk maybe give their views on the following stories that I’ve written? I really need them to be a) totally ripped apart and/or b) ranked top 3 in order of preference. If anyones up for some hardcore reading (1 page each)  it would be great 🙂 Also if you’re not a Christian please give feedback too as its just the subject matter thats Christian, but I’d like it to still have a universal appeal/clarity.

My writing is here

and the stories with Christian overtones are:

Spirit of Fear
My Camden
Valentine (which can come across awfully misconstrued in a non-Christian context. Not a judgement just an observation.)
Lamentations (which is not a comment on what God is like but what the world is like without God. God is not like this its just a story.)
Crystal Lake
This is not a short story but a serial, here is chapter 1. Future chapters develop plot. I want to publically distance myself from the diabolical first scene. This is an old version that I need to update. (no internet in flat so will need to bring it in to uni another day)
These too altho they aren’t really overtly Christian at all:
Ceilidh (Rebeccas ceilidh merged with Physoc ceilidh and put into words. Very cheesy.)
(I dont actually agree with the narrators view anymore here.)

Its pretty embarrassing to put my own stuff up like that but the idea is to try and  get a top 3 ;p If anyones up for actually reading them all or giving feedback on a couple I would be surprised/grateful.


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Academica Panica Miseria – and you thought I couldn’t do latin.

February 18, 2007 at 11:48 pm (The cardboard Apollo 6 has given the all clear)

Once again, some insight from Professor Dilbert. 

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February 11, 2007 at 1:21 pm (Christian, With what I do may I worship you, Writing)

For all the ‘other’ people on valentines day ;p

(with ) 


Its not your words but your sentences that move me, and silences are like dancing in the dark, when you’re with me. I don’t ‘like’, don’t ‘love’ you, there’s no time – you’re always there and we’ll never stop falling in love with romance itself.

Days into days and we get by, weeks into months that I’m not lonely, the years pass by and I’ve someone to hold back with me the whole time. Tomorrow, tomorrow. I’ll always say more but never say yes.



I hang on and you hold out but its Him who pulls us through, so push in, pull together, push on. Some see romance set in worlds laden with justice and dreams come true. But you see things like I do, a broken world with less and less to wake up to, injustices and the passion that says share your dreams, give out dreams, let the God-light in and use me here, let the nightmares go and everyone wake up.

You see help and your commitment.



Your eyes are my jasmimes to blink and shine, your soul diamonds that I didn’t buy. But its not your curves its your conscience, I can’t stop thinking of you, when you talk I can’t help watching you. You look normal but you look electric and when you’re sure, I’m sure.



Its better than that, you’re fervent. The mistakes you make are blinkered by your zeal. Some put aside their passions and settle into life. You don’t put your passion down for a second, not when its uncomfortable in order to settle in, not when its hard so you can lighten your load, not when you’re tired to go to sleep. You fight, but you also cry.

Some couples fight together but we stand back and hold on, because its Christ in you and its Christ in me, Him the hope of glory.



Don’t be pitied, don’t settle down near love and hope its prospect gives you meaning, not once He’s shown you His most excellent way. Don’t take the choice when you can’t choose, don’t look at others and envy their mistakes. Wait for her or wait for him, but make sure you wait for Him, for His beauty never ages.

Man, Woman


Think it needs a touch more work before I put it on site. But I was just chuffed to think of an idea for a story ;p As we approach V day I do so in good humour, noting that my big plans are to do a bible study with my hall group. And thats totally fine ;p But I appreciate for some its not so funny, hence the story: A thousand situations we’d lead ourselves into but only one will do. Just cos someones in relationship doesnt mean theyre in that one situation, the only one that’ll do (if they’re not, theres pity). But in God, and maybe in future too, theres love compassion commitment and pretty.

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