I will love you through long summers full of home

August 24, 2007 at 9:14 pm (Christian, People, Physics, Real Politik, The cardboard Apollo 6 has given the all clear, The views expressed here are my own)

Don’t worry I’m not in teen angst.

This summer I have seen miracles – seen arms that couldn’t move, move. Seen deaf ears healed. Seen my heart opened to a wider, bigger, closer, more beautiful version of justice and social action. Seen and forgotten and remembered powerful experiences of God, being unashamedly real.

This Summer, also, I’ve fallen off the political breakfast table and would have probably left the labour party if I knew how. Basically I want for a world where human life tramples gold, and if you imagine a reality of just that one sentence in practice it quite literally turns everything I believed in, regards politics, totally on its head. Bits of me extreme left, bits of me extreme right, but the vast majority, nowhere on earth. And I want to see more of this.

This Summer the big saga, pickle and drama has been the flat situation. It is now resolved. The truth is now that although I’m definitely positive about the PhD, I am still oh so chaotically nervous and stressed about next year for lots of reasons (I feel like a first year might feel moving into halls). But if Summer says anything, it says to trust, and if Christian says anything it should be ‘Yes Lord’.


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